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11th March

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Decathlon - 831,670
Hypersports - 537,125
Commando - 187,650
Super Sprint - 20,180

The Retro section aims to bring you bang up to date with some of the newest and best conversions of old Spectrum faves.

This page contains games that are either finished, or in a good enough state to give you an idea of what the final version will be like. Surf to the In Development page for a list of titles that are currently being coded, with links to the developers websites.

Please note, many of the games featured below are from RetroSpec, a team of coders and artists dedicated to updating some of the best games of the past (see PC Zone issue 81). Head off to their website to thank them for their dedication and to view up to date information about their current projects.

If you know of any other good conversions which are not listed below, or have details of any up and coming projects then get in contact so l can update the site.


Ant Attack PC

Ant Attack was a fantastic 3D isometric game written by Sandy White. Visit Tyrone's website for more information and a download of his Ant Attack PC remake.

Also see the Ant Attack 2000 website for another 'in progress' remake.


See the Maps page for the complete map!



Blazing Trails

A superb conversion of that classic game Trailblazer. Featuring excellent graphics, this is a must download (albeit 1.12mb).

Visit Allan Bentam's site to download.


Bubble Bobble

One of the best games of all time gets a remake. More information here.




Burger Time, Craig Rothwell (460K)

Sideways platformer, featuring burgers, hot dogs, and fried eggs!

Download the beta version here.


Chuckie Egg, Mike Elson (203K)

Mike Elson's remake of A&F Softwares Chuckie Egg. For more information visit his Chuckie Egg site.




Doomdark's Revenge, Chris Wilde (62.8K)

An update of the fantastic Doomdark's Revenge, originally coded by Mike Singleton.

Visit his website for hints and tips, maps, more files and information.


Galyaksians, John Dow (I Mb)

Another remake by John Dow (Retrospec), and again a great addition to the list of remade games.

Visit his site to download a copy.





Giant Worlds (4,655K)

A superb looking remake of The Great Giana Sisters, using DirectX to give it great visuals.

Visit the Giant Sisters website to download.



Hungry Horace

I loved this game on the Spectrum - a simple Pacman clone, but with Horrace as the main character. This remake is brilliantly done, featuring great graphics, and some nice music. Well done!!

Visit Rebelstar's website to download.





An update of the classic Jet Pac.

Visit Stuart's site here.


Jet Set Willy, Andy Noble (263K)

This update of Jet Set Willy, written by the ever busy Andy Noble, features vastly improved graphics and sound over the original.

Click here for more info.



See Skoolweb for more details.

Klass of 99, Richard Jordan (814K)

Written by Richard Jordan (now of PC Zone fame!), this remake has superb graphics and retains the brilliant gameplay of the original.

Watch out for his Jetpac remake, coming soon.....



Manic Miner, Andy Noble (191K)

All the above applies to Manic Miner as well - another great conversion by Andy.

Get the original versions from the Spectrum Magic Games E-M page to compare.




Pssst, John Dow & Andy Noble (478K)

A remake of Ultimate's (now Rareware) classic bug spraying game. Programmed by John Dow with graphics by Andy Noble.

More information can be found at www.nelefa.org/


Watman, Kak (1.01MB)

A remake of Batman, Ocean's excellent isometric platformer. Very colourful and very playable. Can't wait for the Head over Heels remake, which is coming soon!