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11th March

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Top Hi-scores to beat:

Decathlon - 831,670
Hypersports - 537,125
Commando - 187,650
Super Sprint - 20,180




Elite, Firebird (31K)

Space trading combat game with huge depth and playability. Created a whole genre of games, such as Wing Commander, Privateer and Conflict Freespace.


Emlyn Hughes Int Soccer, Audiogenic (30.8K)

Not as good as the Match Day series in my opinion, but with more options to play with. Nice player animation too.


Enduro Racer, Activision (30.4K)

A fairly early, but very playable racer. I used to love this one (when it would load!).



Exolon, Hewson (23.7K)

Flick screen spaceman platform action. Difficult but strangely addictive.



Fairlight 2, The Edge (30.4K)

Isometric platformer, a la Head over Heels. Unfortuntely nothing comes close for me, though I'm probably being unfair........


Feud, Bulldog (26.2K)

This game was a budget classic, being released at only 2.99 and winning a Crash game of the Month award (I think!). Guide Learic around collecting ingrediants for spells to zap his evil brother Leanoric.


Finders Keepers, Mastertronic (21.3K)

This game was the first to feature Magic Knight, who went on to star in a series of great puzzle games. Worth a look.



Firelord, Impulse (32.7K)

SImilar in style to Atic Atac but with better sound and graphics, and the added ability of being able to nick stuff from the shops!


Football Manager, Addictive (11.8K)

One of the original football manager games, given classic status by many.


Footballer of the Year 2, Gremlin (19.6K)

A slightly strange take on the football management genre, however this game is still quite enjoyable. Manage your career as a player instead of the team, and try to get picked for the national side.



Fox Fights Back, Image Works (24.0K)

Use your gun toting fox and bring back some chickens for your wife, but avoid the dastardly mutts!


Frogger, A&F Software (7.2K)

Early classic from A&F - only worth it for the nostalgia.


Gauntlet, US Gold (75.3K)

Guide one of 4 adventures around the many levels in this overhead arcade classic. Simultaneous 2 players games are also possible.


Ghostbusters, Activision (20.7K)

Capture ghosts and defeat Zool, in this game of the film. Watch out for the Marshmallow Man though!!


Great Escape, The, Ocean (29.8K)

Escape from Colditz in this superb isometric action puzzler. See the maps section for help.


Green Beret, Ocean (30.2K)

Rescue the hostages in this classy (but difficult) side scrolling combat game. I could never get off level 2!


Head Over Heels, Ocean (36.5K)

3D Isometric platform puzzle game featuring Head and Heels. My favourite games of all time!!

Visit the maps section for help.


Hobbit, The, Melbourne House (30.0K)

A text adventure based on J.R. Tolkeins superb book. Capture the gold from the Dragon and place it in the chest.


Horrace Goes Skiing, Psion (8.2K)

An early classic from Psion. Guide Horrace across the busy road to collect his skis, and then back again to the slopes. Why they don't put a pedestrian crossing in I don't know.....



Hypersports, Ocean (31.0K)

Another joystick buster, this time with improved graphics and playability.

See if you can get on the Hi-Score table.


IK +, Software Studios (28.6K)

A superb fighting game with a good variety of moves and some humorous effects. Also great graphics and sound.


Ikari Warriors, Elite (27.5K)

A worthy sequel to Commando, with simultaneous 2 player action and driveable tanks! Watch you don't run out of fuel though...


Jack the Nipper, Gremlin (23.6K)

Score points by doing as many naughty things as possible. Great idea, but need perseverance (I always found this very hard!).


Jack the Nipper 2, Gremlin (27.4K)

Same idea as before, but this time set in the jungle, with a bigger play area and improved graphics. I much prefer this one...


Jet Set Willy, Software Projects(16.9K)

The most nostalgic game of all?!


Joe Blade, Players Premier (22.7K)

Top notch budget game, where you (Joe Blade) have to rescue the six international leaders who have been captured.


Knight Lore, Ultimate (22.0K)

An early 3D isometric game from Ultimate, much the same as Head over Heels, though possibly lacking some of the gameplay. Still a very good game though.


Knight Tyme, Mastertronic (60.3K)

Brilliant budget puzzle game featuring Magic Knight. Sequel to Spellbound and followed by Stormbringer.



Laser Squad (66.2K)

A superb tactical game, where you must equip and deploy your squad for each mission. I missed out on this one when I was younger, but have made up for it since!


Leaderboard Golf, US Gold (22.0K)

The first (and last) golf game I have ever played for a decent amount of time. It may take a little too long to draw each screen, but this is a masterpiece in it's own time.


Lords of Midnight, Beyond Software (28.6K)

This game is brilliant! Guide Luxor the Moonprince around the land with his allies, recruiting armies and finding useful objects, with the aim of defeating Doomdark. An adventure wargame whose plot draws inspiration from Lord of the Rings.



Lotus Esprit Turbo, Gremlin (54.3K)

First of three racers, and my favourite of the series. Features 2 player mode which is great fun.


Magnetron, Firebird (27.0K)

This game had me hooked for ages all those years ago. Guide your robot around the levels 'grappling' with other robots to take control of them. Similar in a way to Ranarama.


Manic Miner, Software Projects (13.7K)

The classic Spectrum game of all time?


Matchday, Ocean (25.5K)

Great in it's time - programmed by Chris Clarke and Jon Ritman (Head over Heels). I'm sure it didn't seem so difficult to score when I first played it...!


Midnight Resistance, Ocean (69.1K)

Faithful conversion of the arcade machine with great music.

Myth, System 3 (97.8K)

A brilliant platform game with many puzzles and challenges to keep you going.