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11th March

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Top Hi-scores to beat:

Decathlon - 831,670
Hypersports - 537,125
Commando - 187,650
Super Sprint - 20,180

A new section on Spectrum Magic, featuring maps from classic ZX Spectrum games to help you out of trouble.

If you have any scanned maps not featured here, then please e-mail me so I can add them to the site. Also, for those with perseverance, why not try mapping a game yourself? By saving each screen on a game as you go through, you can paste them together to build a map - check out the complete Chuckie Egg 2 map put together by myself! Flick screen games are easiest to do, so why not have a go with your favourite and send it to Spectrum Magic...


Maps currently available (28):

Ant Attack (8.7K)
Alien8 (104K)
Aliens (35K)
Antiriad (59.1K)
Batman (37.3K)
Bruce Lee (93.2K)
Chuckie Egg 2 (286K)
Darkside, The (189K)
Dizzy (68.8K) - from Speccy.f9
Dizzy 2 (89.1K)
Dizzy 3 (114K)
Dizzy 4 (123K)
Dizzy 5 (238K)
Doomdark's Revenge (134K)
Fairlight (279K)
Firelord (1,005K)
Gameover (48.6K)
Great Escape (59.7K)
Ghosts 'n Goblins (36.3K)
Head Over Heels (30.3K)
Into the Eagles Nest (47.6K)
Lords Of Midnight (150K)
Monty Mole (65.7K)
Robocop 1 (144K)
Tir Na Nog (163K)
Thing Bounces Back (72.6K)
Thrust 2 (62.5K)
Undewurlde (64.9K)