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11th March

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Top Hi-scores to beat:

Decathlon - 831,670
Hypersports - 537,125
Commando - 187,650
Super Sprint - 20,180




Saboteur, Durell (25.2K)

Ninja game with large graphics from the publishers who brought you Sigma 7.


Saboteur 2, Durell (27.9K)

Sequel with slightly improved graphics, but really just more of the same.


Shadow of the Beast, Psygnosis (119K)

Psygnosis' Amiga smash made it (suprisingly) to the Spectrum as well. Featuring massive levels, great graphics and sound this platformer is well worth a look.



Skool Daze, Microsphere (29.4K)

The prequel to Bak 2 Skool, and again a fantastic game. See the Retro section for Richard Jordans 'Klass of 99' remake.


Slapfight, Taito (46.0K)

Vertical shoot-em up, in the Xenon mould. A great game, with a good range of power-ups (wing!), spoiled by impossible to spot enemy bullets. See how big you can get your ship....


Space Harrier, Elite (30.1K)

Classic arcade conversion, and a very ambitious game, which doesn't quite pull it off, in my opinion.


Spindizzy, Electric Dreams (26.2K)

Spindizzy can be a very frustrating game. Similar in mould to Marble Madness, the objective is to collect crystals from the isometric levels before your time runs out. Master the controls and it become more fun.


Spy Hunter, US Gold (22.4K)

Another early classic, Spy Hunter had me hooked for a fair while.


Spy Vs Spy, Beyond Software (26.7K)

1 or 2 player split screen action game where you can set booby traps to catch the other spy. First of a series of games.


Starquake, Bubblebus (31.6K)

Cute plateform game with a huge area to explore. Difficult but fun!


Stormbringer, Mastertronic (28.2K)

Follow up to Knight Tyme - very similar overall.


Super Sprint, Electric Dreams (18.7K)

Top down racing classic which spawned dozens of copies.

See if you can get on the Hi-Score table.



Target Renegade, Ocean (69.1K)

My favourite beat-em up from the Spectrum of all time!

See if you can get on the Hi-Score table.


Tir Na Nog, Gargoyle Games (27.4K)

Never played this game, but remember quite a fuss when it came out. Requested by a number of Speccy Magic visitors. Also see Dun Darach.


Tracksuit Manager, Hi-Tec (32.7K)

Guide England to glory in this football management sim.


Twin Turbo V8, Codemasters (26.3K)

A poor man's Lotus Esprit Turbo (in my opinion). Requested by a couple of visitors to the site.


Uridium, Hewson (23.7K)

Side on shoot-em-up, which had many hooked at the time.


Viking Raiders, Firebird (14.5K)

Never played this, but requested by David Higgins. Looks a bit like Chaos so it could be good...... (I'll give it 3 stars anyway!)


Way of the Exploding Fist, Melbourne House (27.1K)

Classic fighting game, similar to IK+, but with perhaps a few less moves. Can't be faulted for playability though....


Where Time Stood Still, Ocean (76.1K)

One of the first 128K only games to appear (I believe). Superb music, a great plot and an all round good game.


Wizball, Ocean (25.5K)

Sensible Software's clever shoot-em up. Collect the colour ro brighten up the levels.