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11th March

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Top Hi-scores to beat:

Decathlon - 831,670
Hypersports - 537,125
Commando - 187,650
Super Sprint - 20,180




Nebulus, Hewson (20.1K)

A clever puzzle/action game where you need to reach the top of the towers before the water catches up with you.


Operation Wolf, Ocean (61.7K)

Great conversion of the arcade classic. Just don't shoot the hostages!


Pacman, Atari Soft (8K)

Munch the dots and avoid the ghosts, in one of the early classics.


Pang, Ocean (64.9K)

Pang is an extremely addictive one or two player game. Travel around the world bursting the bubbles to move to the next stage. Things begin to get tricky as the screens fill up with bubbles and the floor gets slippery.


Paperboy, Elite (23.7K)

Another great conversion of an arcade classic, far far better than it's sequel. Guide the paperboy past the houses, delivering to subscribers and smashing windows of non-subscribers!


The Pawn, Magnetic Scrolls (96.2K)

Magnetic Scrolls were, in their time, the best publisher of text adventure games. The Pawn is one of their finest examples.


Pipemania, Electric Dreams (17.1K)

A fiendishly addictive puzzle game. Place the pipes quickly to prevent the waste flowing out of the pipes.



Puzznic, Ocean (17.3K)

Puzznic is a very clever puzzle game obviously drawing from Tetris. Match the coloured objects up to make them dissapear, but be warned, the levels get tough after a while.


Pyjamarama, Microgen (22.8)

A game considered a classic at the time, this flick-screen platform game could be viewed as an early precursor to the Magic Knight series of games (Spellbound, Knightyme etc).


Rainbow Islands, Ocean (68.3K)

A follow up to the superb Bubble Bobble - yet more platform brilliance from Graftgold.


Rampage, Activision (20.8K)

Smash the buildings up in this frantic monster bash. Quite enjoyable, but a tad repetitive.


Ranarama, Hewson (21.9K)

Release yourself from an evil spell in this top down exploration shooter.


Renegade, Ocean (53.6K)

Although not as good as it's sequel, Target Renegade, this is still a great beat-em-up and well worth downloading. Watch out for Big Bertha!


Renegade 3, Ocean (75.4K)

The final chapter in the Renegade series this was, in my opinion one game too many. Still good but not reaching the heights of Target Renegade or the original. Worth a download if you love the other two games.


Rick Dangerous, Firebird (28.5K)

Rick Dangerous is a superbly playable platform game. Good graphics and sound, as well as a huge number of tricks and traps make this one of my favourites of all time!



Rick Dangerous 2, Firebird (72.8K)

Larger than the above, with better graphics and more variety, this is again a classic game.


Robocop, Ocean (68.4K)

Murphy exacts revenge in this game of the arcade of the film.

R-Type, Electric Dreams (27.2K)

This conversion of the arcade classic manages to cram in almost every feature of it's superiors gameplay. Brilliant weapons and well designed levels make this one of the best shoot-em ups on the Spectrum.