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11th March

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Top Hi-scores to beat:

Decathlon - 831,670
Hypersports - 537,125
Commando - 187,650
Super Sprint - 20,180




Andy Capp, MirrorSoft (25.7K)

Game based upon the popular cartoon character. Similar to the Magic Knight series of games, but not quite as catchy.


Antiriad, Palace Software (27.6K)

Large chunky graphics make this platformer stand out from the crowd. For help visit the maps section.


APB, Domark (51.4K)

Similar to the modern day Grand Theft Auto, except in this game the roles are reversed. Very playable, though APB doesn't quite have enough to threaten the likes of Spy Hunter.


Arkanoid 2, Ocean (24.4K)

An updated and improved 'pong' game, with many levels, power ups and so on.


AticAtac, Ultimate (24.3K)

AticAtac is an early game from Ultimate, similar in vein to Wizards Lair. Many have it up their with the all time classics.


Bak 2 Skool, Microsphere (32.9K)

Brilliantly funny games. Run riot at school with your catapult and bike, but watch out for the headmaster. See also Skool Daze.



The Bards Tale, Electroncic Arts (80.8K)

Written by Michael Crawford, this was probably the best RPG game on the Spectrum. Guiding a party of Warriors, Magicians or Paladins around Skara Brae....



Barry McGuigans Boxing, Activision (25.2K)

A side on boxing game which combines a slight strategy element, with some superb action. Rise through the ranks to fight Barry himself.



Batman, Ocean (30.2K)

A fine isometric game written by the same people as Head over Heels. Not quite as good, but still fun, and tough! See the Retro version and the map.


Bionic Commando, Go! (44.3K)

Superbly playable platformer. Swing through the levels with your grappling arm, but mind out for the bees...


BMX Simulator, Codemasters (22.9K)

Although only released as a budget title much the same as the Dizzy games, this is a very playable effort and well worth a look.


Bombjack, Elite (25.3K)

Collect the bombs to move to the next level, collect them in the correct order to score big points. Very playable platformer.


Bruce Lee, Ocean (22.7K)

Flick-screen platform chop-em up, still a favourite of many. Published back in the days (1984) when US Gold and Ocean were one and the same company.


Bubble Bobble, Firebird (27.0K)

Prequel to Rainbow Islands and then the less well known Parasol Stars (Amiga), this platform game featuring Bub and Bob is one of the most playable games out there - get bursting those bubbles!



Chaos, Julian Gollop (21.9K)

The inspiration for the PC game Might & Magic and the X-Com series. Very good game in it's time, even if it doesn't look like much. Download Might & Magic (PC) from Freeloader.com for free!


Chuckie Egg, A&F Software (11.1K)

The first of 2 classic games featuring the man with a big hat. Collect the eggs and corn whilst avoiding the birds. Take too long and the innocent canary will swoop.....



Chuckie Egg 2, A&F Software (25.7K)

A huge flick screen scroller, and although different from Chuckie Egg, still a very addictive game, offering even more of a challenge. See the map.



Cobra, Ocean (21.9K)

Fast paced platform game which is also very hard. Avoid the prams and 'nut' the baddies!


Colony, Mastertronic (22K)

Little known quirky resource management (?) game. Grow and harvest mushrooms to purchase more seeds etc etc. Good fun for a budget title.


Combat School, Ocean (64.5K)

An interesting variation on the Daley Thompsons theme, sporting better graphics and better sound, but still very 'samey'.



Commando, Elite (30.9K)

A superb vertical shoot-em up which is very, very playable. The screen often gets swamped with enemies, but unfortunately there is no 2 player mode to help you cope with this.

See if you can beat the current Hi-score.



Contact Sam Cruise, Microsphere (31.8K)

Another Microsphere game, very similar to Skool Daze/Bak 2 Skool, however this time you play a detective trying to solve a case.


Cybernoid 2, Hewson (27.2K)

Guide your ship around the levels, in this thinking mans shoot-em up from Hewson. Features a large number of weapons.



Daley Thompsons Decathlon, Ocean (44.6K)

The original killer of Kempston joysticks. Nuff said!

See if you can beat the current Hi-score by Stu.



Dizzy 1, Codemasters (29.7K)

The first game in an almost never-ending series of budget classics. Some people loved them, others didn't! For help, see the map.



Dizzy 2, Codemasters (30.2K)

More of the same, but with slightly better graphics......



Dizzy 3, Codemasters (33.9K)

My personal favourite of the series, although I still can't get anywhere with it. Help anyone?



Dizzy 4, Codemasters (36.6K)

This time Dizzy is in Magic Land for another eggscellent adventure!!


Dizzy 5, Codemasters (36.0K)

Thanks to Neil Young for requesting Spellbound Dizzy and Prince of the Yolkfolk (see below). Hope you enjoy...


Dizzy 6, Codemasters (29.0K)

Prince of the Yolkfolk. For more information on Dizzy games, visit Yolkfolk.com


Doomdark's Revenge, Beyond Software (30.8K)

Mike Singletons sequel to the superb Lords of Midnight. Continuing the tales of Luxor the Moonprince in this epic Tolkeinesque adventure/war game.

Download the PC version from the Retro section, and view the complete map.



Dun Darach, Gargoyle Games (25.6K)

As with Tir Na Nog, I haven't played this game, but it was a highly thought of graphical adventure. Rescue Leog before it's too late...


Dynamite Dan, Mirrorsoft (30.5K)

Early sideways platform game, popular with many.



Dynamite Dan 2, Mirrorsoft (33.2K)

More of the same from Mirrorsoft.....