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11th March

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Top Hi-scores to beat:

Decathlon - 831,670
Hypersports - 537,125
Commando - 187,650
Super Sprint - 20,180

The games below will only work in 256 colour mode if run on the Spec256 v1.2 emulator, located on the emulators page. Although there are not many games currently available, more will be added when they become available.

Please note, some of the games below are in Spanish, and are also not particularly good (!), but they do show off the power of the Spec256 emulator.

If you are interested in converting your favourite game (Head Over Heels someone - please!) then get in contact or visit the Emulatronia site for details of how to go about it.



Abul Simbel Profanation, Dinamic (82.4K)

Never heard of this before, and not sure what to do - a Spanish game from the Emulatronia site.


Army Moves, Dinamic (61.2K)

Never used to be much good at this - a bit repetitive as well. Still, looking very good in 256 colours.


Army Moves 2, Dinamic (69.4K)

Not much different from the first installment...


Cybernoid, Hewson (74.1K)

Now featuring nice backgrounds and more colourful explosions, Cybernoid is even more playable.


Game Over, Dinamic (65K)

Platform shoot-em-up. Map available in the Maps section.


Game Over 2, Dinamic (66K)

As above, but with better graphics.


Jet Pac, Ultimate (48.6K)

A classic early game. See the Retro section for Stuart Collier's PC update.


Knightlore, Ultimate (78.8K)

An excellent game in mono, now looking superb as well. Bring on Head over Heels 256!!


Phantis, Dinamic (72.6K)

Sideways blaster. Not as good as R-Type, but looking very colourful.


Sabrewulf, Ultimate (119K)

One of the few classic games that I didn't actually play when I was younger. Still, many believe one of the works of pure genius from Ultimate, and who am I to disagree?



Solomon's Key, Probe (49.3K)

I used to really enjoy this platform/puzzle game, and it gets really difficult on the later levels. Still, I don't think it benefits from the added coulour as much as some.


Underwurlde, Ultimate (101K)

As with Sabrewulf, another game I didn't really play when I was younger, but again one which many people believe is an all time classic.